Got Big Plans? 💀 Grab a Full Day Session💀
👊🏼 Includes your required Aftercare & Occlusive Bandage!
👊🏼 Saves you $100+ off Hourly Rate and gets those big pieces knocked out faster! Go for it! 

Of course, Hal also offers Hourly Sessions for smaller pieces, or those who prefer to get those gorgeous tattoos done a little bit at a time. It’s all about you!

Hustle Butter Deluxe 5 oz. tub:  $20
Our waiver includes the stipulation that you will use Hustle Butter Deluxe on your tattoo. It’s just that good, and makes all the difference in your healing time and the longevity of your piece. We will sell you a tub after your tattoo is complete!

Hustle Helper 5% Lidocaine Comfort Foam: $15
If you need a little help with your Hustle during the session, we’ll open your Hustle Helper 5% lidocaine foam and apply as needed for numbing relief. You will take this home and use it as a gentle, soothing anti-microbial wash during your aftercare! We also carry Hustle Bubbles Deluxe, many of the same benefits no lidocaine!

Occlusive Bandage Application: $20
A thin self-adhesive film that provides a moist healing environment during the initial, and most critical, healing stage of a tattoo wound. It’s a waterproof, antibacterial coating that prevents pathogens and external contaminants from entering the wound. It can be placed anywhere on the body and will stay put for up to several days. You can come back in 48 hours for a second application that can stay on up to 4 days. Fool proof healing!